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Cape Town Maternity Shoot . Mrs. K

What a special time to capture your body confidence, when your body is making a baby! Even if you decide at the last minute to do a maternity shoot, its all good , cause you will look back and be so happy you captured this incredible change your body is made to do!


It’s alway good to do something completely out of your comfort zone. I did it and it made me feel beyond beautiful in my new body. Simone, you were so amazing, & made me feel so comfortable and at ease throughout the shoot. Thank you for capturing such a special moment in my life!

Cape Town Maternity . Mrs K


I had heard about Simone and her gorgeous empowering shoots from friends who had done them over the years, and planned to put my “wedding body” to its best use by booking a shoot soon after for a first anniversary present. Life surprised on the upside however, and I found myself pregnant shortly thereafter!

Doing my maternity boudoir shoot with Simone was such an awesome experience. I found myself constantly amazed and amused by my changing body, and the shoot was a celebration of the absolute miracle of what the female body is capable of. Simone was such a thrill to work with, and put me at ease in front of the camera from the get go.

I love the photographs and am so pleased to have a reminder of the special time carrying my baby. Nine months flies by so fast - I would encourage any woman to take a second and freeze a moment to look back on.

Cape Town Maternity Shoot


Let me start off by saying, I LOVE Simone! From the moment we began setting up dates for the boudoir photoshoot I could tell I was going to really enjoy myself because of her warm spirit she gives off the moment you begin conversation with her!

As the week approached to the shoot she was awesome at checking in with me and going over ideas for what to wear!  

I went into our pregnancy shoot feeling pretty awkward and not exactly confident about documenting my ever growing body, but Simone made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. 

Simone continuously reassured me how great I looked in front of the camera which seriously helped my confidence with being sexy! 

One of my favorite pregnancy quotes I have come across is this one, and I thank Simone for capturing me in this very special time of my life. 

“To be pregnant is to be vitally alive, thoroughly woman, and distressingly inhabited. Soul and spirit are stretched - along with body - making pregnancy a time of transition, growth, and profound beginnings.”

Every woman should go for a boudoir shoot at least once in her life and I strongly recommend Simone. 

My pictures are beyond amazing and I am going to treasure them for years to come. 

Cape Town Maternity Boudoir Mrs.K

"Pregnancy is's's's life changing...and it's something I never want to forget." Beautiful words from Mrs. K with her pregnancy journey!

I asked Simone to capture this beautiful chapter of my life...not to focus on the perfect elements...but to capture the whole experience. She made me feel so "perfect" ...even though I know my body is not perfect. She made me feel comfortable and confident in my skin...and I loved every second of shooting with her. 

Don't do this shoot for you husband or your friends and family. Do it for YOU! And remind yourself how beautiful you are...we seem to forget that too often. 

Thanks Simone for guiding me and then embracing me just doing my thing. You have an amazing eye...and I can't wait to shoot with you again very soon.