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Cape Town Boudoir - Maria Magdalena

A few weeks back i had the privilege to capture one of Cape Town’s most talented artists, Maria Magdalena, just before her wedding day . To be able to create such art with a person that shares such an appreciation for body positivity was truly something special.


“I have admired the Golden Fox brand from a distance for quite some time now and reached out to Simone a while back to simply and genuinely compliment her on the amazing body positive brand that she has created. Women appreciating and loving their bodies and celebrating them unashamedly through photography is something that I admire greatly. In a world with a relentless stream of judgement from outside sources as well as the harshest judgment we reserve for ourselves, it’s a pretty spectacular thing to break out of that negative loop and celebrate your female form. Finding the courage to proudly have it shared across social media is even more amazing to me.

My Golden Fox shoot came at a time where I was at my most vulnerable. I had quit nicotine 3 days prior, had my thirtieth birthday coming up and then straight after that my wedding. All of these big milestones cramped into the space of two months. Simone and Che came to my apartment, pampered me like a princess and very gently helped me through some beautiful poses. It was one of the most empowering moments of my life getting a peek behind the camera at what my body was capable of. My body is strong, supple, curvaceous and above all else, art.

What an unbelievable privilege to have my almost 30-year-old body captured like this a month before our wedding. What an experience. Every woman deserves to feel this special. Treat yourself today. Hug yourself. Tell yourself you love yourself. Thank your beautiful body for its strength and resilience even though you don’t always treat it that well. If you love your own body, it will inspire all of the females in your life to have the courage to do the same. And if you have an insecure wobble every now and then be even kinder to yourself - you are allowed your bad days as much as you are allowed the good ones.”


Cape Town Boudoir - Miss. K


Two of my best friends both did a shoot about 3 years ago, after hearing about what an amazing experience it was I have been wanting to do it ever since!

I have had issues with hormonal birth control for years and recently made the decision to go off it and see how it goes. I have never felt better from a mental point of view, I am so glad I did it. My skin on the other hand decided that I was a teenager again! So I kept thinking I will do it when I have lost a few kilos or when my skin is better... etc.

I finally plucked up the courage and emailed Simone, I didn't look back, she coached me through the whole process from what to wear down to her lying on my couch showing me how to pose! It made me feel so great and I didn't think about my skin or anything else once!

Cape Town Boudoir MISS . N


Be fearless and fierce! This empowering experience was one of the most daring things I could possibly do.

Everyday... us as women are challenged with a word called beauty! Our perception of this is vast! But for most (me included) we overlook the real meaning... for me, I discovered that perfection is what you make of it.

To be completely comfortable in your own skin regardless of the extra weight! Being voluptuous is Beautiful! Embracing it is incredibly sexy! I discovered.....ME! I am but a reflection of femininity! And I love it♡ Golden Fox captured this in a beautiful nutshell. My message to all the ladies out there.... embrace your curves... embrace your flaws... nobody is perfect... but you are all Beautiful Women! Be you... !!!

Cape Town Boudoir MRS. S


I followed Simone's work for over a year and had her on my wishlist for "one day".

The day before I booked this shoot with her, I discovered something really upsetting that hurt my self- and body confidence badly. Needless to say, "one day" came sooner than I thought and I made a booking while feeling angry and humiliated.

Most of that changed on the day of the shoot (although I am still working on some negative self talk). Simone guided me through every step and I soon felt closer to my true self. I did feel worried that the images might not portray the real me, but I ended up loving the final product.

It is ME! Her deep sense of understanding made me feel at ease and our chats during the session really opened my mind to some new positive thoughts.