“It was super special for Simone to photograph my preggy body because her and her hubby photographed our wedding two years ago. And to be pregnant at the same time made it even more special.

Simone, as on our wedding day, made me feel relaxed and calm with her calming spirit.

I felt no fear or self consciousness in front of her. In general during my pregnancy I embraced my growing shape, the weight gain, the heavy boobs...and that’s what I wanted to capture for my memory. I believe our bodies are made for this and we should not be afraid to celebrate it. The most special part was landing up naked in the bath at the end, being photographed in the water which has played such a huge calming role in this first pregnancy for me. Those are the pictures we will keep for ourselves.

It was a moment of freedom and body confidence I’ve never had before. Thank you special, sweet Simone for capturing baby in my belly so so beautifully in our home”