"Do not let anyone steal your happiness or confidence by defining their own ideas of what is perceived as acceptable or beautiful, start creating your own story"

This is something I have learned in the past year. We are caught up in social media and society which leads to a lack in self-confidence and self-esteem, because we do not fit into the pictures and images set by these platforms. I have struggled to accept myself for who I am until I started following a well-balanced diet and exercise program. I do not have the time to train for 4 hours or to weigh every meal I eat during the day. Living a balanced life and accepting my body has helped me to embrace life and to enjoy every moment given to me.

Body confidence for me is something that has been inspired by Marciel Hopkins. We (ladies) must stop comparing ourselves to others, be the best version of yourself. Create your own happiness. If people in your life do not accept you for who you are, ask yourself the question are they worth keeping around?

Simone has given me the opportunity to embrace who I am. Her brand inspires young girls and women to focus on their own uniqueness, beauty and bodies.