"For years I treated my body harshly; constantly comparing it to everyone else, expecting it to be perfect and never being able to see anything but flaws. As with most women this mindset stuck and I had this constant unshakable feeling that I needed to do better and to be better. 

The road to self acceptance is a long and difficult one. It is a constant challenge to edit your thoughts, to remove the negativity and move toward a space where you can love and accept yourself but the hard work is worth it. Learn to celebrate yourself! Honour your body and teach your mind to respect it. 

Simone perfectly embodies this advice as she creates a safe space for you to feel empowered and enjoy yourself. With loving encouragement and a wonderful sense of humour she guides you through the process from start to finish.

My shoot with Simone was absolutely incredible in every way! Please do this as a gift for yourself, to take some time and celebrate your body!"

Tanya xx