As a child I was a little dumpling. I was well fed and slightly larger than the other girls. But I was happy.

Then I lost all the “puppy fat” in high school and became extremely lean. I was active and confident yet didn’t appreciate the body I had. Everyone says enjoy your body in your teens and twenties as it’s the best you will ever have. I didn’t listen.

I mistreated my body and took it for granted that I would always look “this good”.

I then joined the corporate world and pushed myself to the maximum. I was eating badly, drinking way to much coffee and not exercising. Stress ran my life as I allowed it to.

I needed surgery for cysts and endometriosis and after the surgery over a period of 3 years I gained 17KGs.

I was unhealthy with border line insulin resistance, heart palpitations and low body confidence. I didn’t want to look at myself in the mirror or change in front of my partner.

I felt there was nothing I could do and even walking up a flight of stairs was hard work.

Then it hit me, I am in control of my own life and body. I have to take the first step to regaining my body confidence.

I changed my diet, I started going to gym and walking and followed a strict eating plan with assistance.

Today, I am 15KGs lighter and I have learnt to embrace my lumps, bumps and new body.

Embracing who you are allows a certain aura to shine from you that only others can see.

There will always be someone bigger, smaller and better than you – all you need to focus on is being the best version of yourself.

Because that’s all that matters – ensuring you feel happy with you.