Our hearts and hands join together to bring you something truly exceptional. But first, we thought we should share a bit of our own body confidence journeys with you all: an open, intimate and honest conversation.

In my earlier years as child and teenager growing up we had loads of influences on what the perfect woman’s body should look like. I for one definitely didn’t have the smallest build and for sure didn’t fit that mold. I grew quite insecure about this, as friends would say negative things about my weight all the time. I grew skinnier and skinnier as time went by because of all these insecurities, but my confidence didn’t rise, even when I was at my skinniest there were still those remarks from others.  “Woow you are too skinny now” So what was the perfect body I asked myself? People for some reason always had something negative to say what ever size I was.

Following that, for years being so aware of this I noticed how woman brought each other down, weather it was for their looks, body shape or fashion. 

Why were women doing that to each other?

Why are woman still doing that?

As I got older and more confident I realized that as you get to know yourself, it was more about how you make your body work for you, accentuating the positive rather than focusing on the negative. 

 What do you love about your body? That’s the question so many woman struggle with. What you love about your body needs to be priority in your mind.

I even started believing it more and more when I started doing boudoir photography and seeing what it was doing.

The reason I started falling in love with what I do, is because I saw how a woman once helped with poses, complemented, or showed what angles work best in what light, immediately brightened up and started seeing themselves as beautiful and confident .She then saw her power she became empowered, and just in that moment her whole posture, attitude and body confidence changed.

Because of these experiences I noticed that by uplifting someone, being encouraging and completive could really change the way that she sees herself, even with myself I could see it in my own confidence.

We as woman need to see that it is within ourselves to empower and uplift each other.

 We need to start standing together, complementing each other, teaching each other how to love and embrace our bodies, whatever shape you are in or journey your body is on, because with confidence you are empowered. 

EMBRACE was born from all these experiences and sharing similar views with a fellow artist Maria Magdaglena. We collaborated on this project on celebrating body confidence and believing in woman upliftment . 

Embrace represent us woman celebrating the upliftment of each other and creating a community a friendship a movement where woman stand together to be proud of our bodies celebrate it whatever journey it’s on or story it has to tell.

Always remember everybody has a STORY , what is yours…