But I am a Mom now...

When I won a boudior shoot recently with the Thyme spa and Guesthouse & Golden fox collaboration competition, I scurried to her facebook page to get a glimpse of her style and portfolio. 

Everyone looked so confident...and comfortable in their own if she just walked in by chance and managed to capture a moment otherwise lost.

It seemed, for a split second, like a wonderful idea..and then it dawned on me...but I am a mom now.

My body does not look what it did like before, I am not who I was before...should I even be infront of a camera like that?

The insecurities were screaming from a stage confronting me with every little flaw..and somewhere in the backrow, a whisper, ever so softly, affirmed “YES, YOU ARE A MOM NOW!”

Perspective. This body, flawed and imperfect - grew a healthy little boy, nourished and comforted him throughout his first year and still managed to get out of bed and perform at a 8:00 to 17:00 job.

This body had a textbook pregnancy, a healthy uncomplicated birth. This body grew and healed. This body needs to be celebrated. 

It was time Celebrating me was amazing. Simone is such a warm hearted caring soul. We chatted like old friends and her unpretentious, uplifing spirit set me at ease from the start. The experience was phenomenal and nothing like any preconceived idea you might have of a intimate lifestyle shoot.

Highly recommended if you want to celebrate your body, flawed and perfectly imprefect..