When a woman starts seeing her beauty, these are moments that describes perfectly what Golden Fox stands for.


"I have loved corsets and hold up stockings since before I can remember. Pin up girls were so beautiful and playful and cheeky while remaining tasteful. The idea of doing a boudoir shoot has always been a huge dream for me. I have had a lot of insecurities that stopped me from ever going for it. Lucky for me I met someone really fantastic who made it his mission to let me see me in a different light. A better one. I have to admit I trained very hard but was never happy with what I saw. Always surrounded by people criticizing their own bodies so I did the same. I can't really explain how it works, but after my shoot with Golden Fox I felt like I flipped the page on how I feel about my body. 

My big legs look strong and have shape. All of a sudden I like that I have a big bum. My insecurities didn't matter so much because I felt sexy with what I have. I have started eating normally again because I realised I don't want to loose my curves that Simone helped me to see. 

Maybe it's her way of opening you up in conversation before the shoot, or the great direction she gives to ensure you have the right position to suit your body (and her wiliness to get down and demonstrate what works). 

The beautiful hair and make up Che creates definitely helps. When you put all that together you feel ready and Simone's attention to detail and her feminine approach makes this a truly magical experience. 

The photos are a strong reminder to keep with you thereafter. Show you not to fall back into that negative state of mind again but to love yourself. 

I feel stronger and sexy and happy to be in this body. And after years of trying to fix my "flaws", it's like a sigh of relief and a little exciting too."