With 2018 in full swing we need to make it a thing this year to remember to always make "ME" time. Life tends to be so fast passed and we forget to look after the one thing that keeps us going  - OUR BODIES! Let this be the year you take care of it and celebrate what it does for you!

Here are the words of Lisa Brown, entrepreneur, teacher and forward thinker! 

"The words 'body weight' have never been part of my storybook since I was a little girl, and the reason being that I've been hating my body for years and years. I've never given it a thought that I would be able to do a shoot like this!

I agreed to a shoot with Golden Fox simply because I wanted to make myself proud about my body - no matter how much grief I've given myself about it.

My lifestyle up to now has made it even worse to feel positive about my body, as I realized that I'm living the life of an entrepreneur - typically working long hours, not getting enough sleep and definitely not eating healthy food. For the first time in my life, I put on a high-waist bikini this December, and I felt so free by doing that and accepting and loving my body as it is.  

Although one's lifestyle can be very demanding, we should make an effort to drink lots of water, exercise regularly  and maintain a healthy lifestyle, but above all, it's about being happy as a person and living towards your life purpose. Love yourself - no matter what! Mind over matter!"