Megan was on of our body series competition winners, entering the comp. i wanted to find out what about your body do you feel conscious about to see how i can change her concept about her body.

 Megan mentioned that she always felt conscious about her small chest. She grew up with a lot of well endowed friends and with societal expectations and constant sexualization of woman and what it "means" to be a woman and look womanly she always felt so inadequate or inept due to her small size, it was hard to accept at times she said and see that being sexy and being a woman is so much more than physical measurements.

During her shoot i wanted to focus on what she LOVED about her body instead of what she felt  conscious about. Megan's has legs for days and she is really so in shape so working with poses that show that off is what we did! 


When I first thought of a photoshoot – my first reaction was “I’m not a model”, panic! But from the moment I met Simone I could just tell this wasn’t an ordinary photoshoot. Welcoming glasses of champagne accompanied the pampering morning with hair and makeup prep before shooting – and my word was it amazing! I’ve never had so much fun, prancing around in my underwear, feeling totally at ease. Simone quite literally shows you exactly what to do, beautiful words of encouragement and excitement with every shot, honestly, I’ve never felt so comfortable in my own skin, truly believing every word she gushed with each shot. The shoot overall was hilarious, enlightening and most importantly EMPOWERING. I left with a bounce in my step, feeling fabulous as ever and full of self-love and appreciation for myself. I would recommend this experience to any one that is willing to surprise themselves, view yourself in a whole new light, and just generally wanting to explore and celebrate your own unique beauty. After this experience I can honestly say I have rediscovered my own beauty and would do it 100 times over, Simone really focuses on every single tiny detail of the shoot and makes you realize exactly what you love about yourself!