'03-'04 Simone was one of my greatest friends I've known while we've studied in Stellenbosch. After which she went and worked on cruise ships for years making a massive success of life and I went on studying and started life back home. Not seeing or talking as we know how life goes on, so did we ... Moved on!! 
Until one day, being a guest at a wedding of a friend, to my excitement the photographer is the one and only Simone and her husband! 
Then somehow the word Golden Fox grabbed my attention on Facebook. The one and only Simone Davis, the best boudoir photographer ever, that's what the pictures told me!!! So I couldn't wait to send my mail, firstly it will be an opportunity to pick up from all the years and to talk about life and what happened since summer '04!! But I've always loved being behind a camera myself and the once in a while times in front of it BUT I was 20kg lighter and I didn't have a baby!!! So I booked the session, cancelled 3 times due to different reasons Being out of my hands which in the end was a sigh of relief I thought. Then I finally made that decision I AM GOING!!! As I parked, my heart almost left my body and I almost considered leaving again! After make up and hair the shoot started, the first 10min I felt uncomfortable but soon Simone made me feel like the most special person ever and I felt like a million dollar babe!!! I am a wife, a mom and most of all a woman, a woman with curves which I didn't feel comfortable with. But now, I see my body differently and there's so much I've learned about my body thanks to this amazing person!!! Thank you will never be enough, but words will never describe the feeling!!! From here on I'm going to make this a 6month journey with you to see how I can improve the body of a wife, mom and woman!!!! To build confidence and boudoir with you!!! May other moms be inspired by Simone's work because you will forever love this girl for what she does to your heart!!! Love you for who you are and your work inspires me!!!