To any girl/mama/singleton/professional- I dare you to empower yourself in a way you can only dream of, by doing a intimate lifestyle shoot with Golden Fox.!!! Move away from the ordinary stop pose fake photos, and promise me trusting Simone is one thing you will never regret.

So have you ever wanted to feel sexy in a extra ordinary out the norm kind of way, without feeling naked and embarrassed? If  yes is the answer, doing the lifestyle shoot with Simone was just beyond amazing, beat any expectations I ever had and literally blew my mind with her soft nature and natural style of photos .I don't exactly have the most perfect model type of body but Simone made me feel like I was the next top model.

Every flaw or roll I tried to hide , Simone had poses that turned those flaws into fabulously looking rolls.

Making yourself completely vulnerable and giving yourself this gift of confidence is priceless. There is no better way to love yourself and putting it in black and white!

My experience with Golden fox was out of this world, it was classy elegant and so empowering! I dare you to stand up to yourself and prove that you can be beautiful ❤️