So a few weeks ago i got the opportunity to collaborate with one of Cape Town's iconic fashion ladies Barbara from Babette Clothing in a Golden Fox experience. We showcased how we choose to move away from the cliche of only wearing lingerie for your boudoir shoot to the more alternative modern style of feeling great in your favourite piece of clothing but as the same time showing a bit of skin. This shoot is a great inspiration board on what to consider wearing for your Golden Fox experience.

I'm so excited to share this shoot today and Barbara has been so kind to write a stunning testimonial on her experience for us to. Enjoy the read ladies!


Recently I had the best experience doing a fun little shoot with Simone Davis from Golden Fox. 
We came to know each other by series of fortunate events and the shoot kind of fell into place. 
I love her work! 
But must admit I am not really a lingerie girl so was a bit nerves at first. 
I wanted the shoot to be me and wanted to feel comfortable in my own skin. 
After chatting to “the golden fox’ about the mood and feel of the shoot.
I decided on a few key pieces that I feel super comfortable in, that reflects who I am on a daily bases but still makes me feel sexy and fun. 
We played around with;
Old T- shirts, Some vintage mom jeans, cozy sweaters and even added some of my favourite accessories, hats , glasses, vinyls, plants. 
I think most importantly it has to reflect who you are and what makes you feel amazing. 
Weather it is your birthday suit ;) , your favourite sexy lingerie or like me, some favourite pieces of clothing and skin. 
The shoot was at my home so that also makes it easier to relax and immediately adds to the photos being more unique to you. 

After getting coloured in pretty by Maroche from Che’s professional I couldn’t help but feel beautiful already. This just makes the experience all the more easy and fun to get into. 
Simone scouted the locations and as soon as I was ready to go she worked her magic. The shoot went much quicker than I antisiipated and we flowed from the one location and look to another.
Having so much fun. 
I couldn’t believe how much we did in such a short time and the few sneak peeks she showed me looked amazing! The excitement already kicked in … who doesn’t like a pretty photo showing all the right angles ;) 
She knows just how to let you look your best so there is no need to worry.

All in all I would recommend this experience to any woman out there, not just ‘models”. It  truly is empowering to see yourself in a different light and celebrate your perfect imperfections !