So a few weeks ago i had the privilege to collaborate with a few amazing entrepreneurial woman in Cape Town that BLOOM woman empowerment and confidence Jesslyn from Lulu and Marula, Lisa Brown and Barbara from Babette Clothingand we wanted to give one lucky lady the chance to get pampered and realise her body confidence and celebrate that!


Our gorgeous WINNER was - Clem Poggi

I wanted to do a small interview with her her so she can share her experience with other woman out there that really want to have a Golden Fox experience , but might just be a bit hesitant in book one.

The shoot came out super amazing! 


1. How do you feel about body confidence?

Today, I feel more amazing than ever. It helped me to feel less ashamed about the parts of my body I didn't like (like my bottom and my thighs). Also, I could realise how I actually look (especially from the back). We tend to always picture ourselves more fat or flabby (which is not TRUE). 

2. How were you feeling before the shoot?

I felt very nervous (worth than before an exam) ! I didn't know what to expect. However, I also felt excited to experience the boudoir shoot.

3. Were you excited when you won the competition?

I was OVER excited when I won - not only because it is the first time I won something on Instagram, but also because I was admiring Simone's work and always wanted to do it.

4. What would you say to other woman that are a bit scared to do a shoot, but really want to?

I have been telling them that Simone is the best photograph ever, she puts the women at ease with her big smile and her own self-confidence. Also, I always explain the effects the shoot had on me and that I wish that for every women.

5. How do you feel about your body now after the shoot?

I feel much better. I have a real image of my body now and not an imagined one (which is obviously way worth than the reality). I feel beautiful and confident. 

6. How do you think other woman would benefit for this shoot?

I believe that every woman should do the shoot, just to realise that they are oh so beautiful. Today, in our society, women have so much pressure to look pretty, not too fat, not too flabby, not too hairy - we are asked to look perfect where perfection doesn't exist. It is important women realise their own value. This is why Golden Fox is so amazing, it gives us self-confidence and empower us, like that we don't need to fear the society.