Being a mother of two doesn't just occupy your mind and time it changes the way you feel about your body. I'm sure lots of moms can relate to the thought of 'maybe a little nip & tuck will make me feel better about my bum, hips or chest'. 

I planned this shoot for as long as my engagement (2 years) and couldn't think of a better gift for my husband to be on our wedding day, just to prove to him that the confidence he has in me, gave me confidence and I could give him my all. (Even after our two kids)

Don't get me wrong, I was terrified to say the least, but Simone literally saw the fear in my eyes as I got out the car and held me for what felt like 10min. The fear immediately melted away and the excitement started brewing. While hair and make up was being done she made me feel so at ease and reassured me that she will help and guide me through the whole thing.

I had the best time shooting with this gorgeous woman who made me feel super sexy from the first second! I can most definitely say that regardless of your shape, size or weight, a boudoir shoot with Simone will be an amazing and empowering experience you will never regret and the pictures will prove it! Even if you do it just for you...

Simone, thanks so much for this amazing experience! Your energy and amazing talent shows in every single pic! Would do it again and again and again...

Lots of love, Mrs. L