Amazing words form this stunning lady!

Deciding on a perfect wedding gift for your fiancé is quite the task. After some research and lots of thinking, I decided to do a boudoir shoot and have the images printed in a booklet. Something intimate and sexy. The next challenge was to get the perfect photographer for what I had in mind. Discussing the idea with my make-up artist, she referred me to Golden Fox website and I immediately fell in love with the images. Gorgeously tasteful yet sultry and seductive.  I made the booking on the spot.

Fast forward 8 weeks and I’m driving up to the guesthouse where we decided to do the shoot.

I’m a little nervous and very excited with so many thoughts running through my mind – how do I pose, how will my thighs look, what if the experience is completely awkward, why I am so boated today? Within 10 minutes of meeting Simone I felt so much more at ease and started enjoying the hair and make-up pamper session. We did a warm-up session where Simone shared great tips and demonstrated every position. That helped me understand her idea better and made me feel less silly popping my hip and arching my back. As we got into it I felt sexy and comfortable and before I knew it we were done. The whole experience made me feel like an underwear model. I felt so empowered and left on a complete high.

I gave my soon-to-be hubby his special gift while getting ready on the day of our wedding. He could not thank me enough. He LOVED it. And I loved it. The images were beautiful and mesmerising, I could hardly believe that that was me! 

I would recommend this experience to every woman. No matter what size you are or what insecurities you may have, Simone is such a magician with natural light, she will exceed all your expectations as she did mine.