Recently we spent the morning with the super empowered Jesslyn from Lulu & Marula on her journey as a female entrepreneur and het view on body confidence! What and amazing collaboration we did. Thanks to the wonderful Lisa Brown and Babette Clothing for your contribution to the shoot! Here is her inspiring story!

1. What inspired you to start your own business?

It happened more organically than actually setting out to start a business. Lulu & Marula grew from my love of natural skincare, the benefits of natural oils, and a demand that I could see growing for these types of products. 

2. Leaving a secure job is scary, what made you take the leap of faith to go on your own? 

I waited until I had built Lulu & Marula up into a mare stable business before leaving my full-time job in advertising. I just reached the point where I couldn't do both anymore and I didn't want one to suffer at the expense of the other. I had faith in Lulu & Marula, so I just went for it. 

3.What do you love about running your own business?

I love being in direct contact to my customers, getting their feedback and helping them with their skincare concerns. That's really rewarding. 

4.What are your challenges of running your own business and the perks?

It can be scary because everything is on you. You don't have anyone to fall back on when it's just you. What you put in is what you put out, and that can be difficult as it often means unstructured work weeks and little off-time. It's a big commitment. The perks are that you have the freedom to work the way that suits you, whether that means unconventional work locations or work hours. But it's always good to give yourself structure. 

5.What do you love about your brand?

Well, I of course love everything! But my favorite thing is how the products make you feel. The smells, the textures, and the little rituals you create around using each product is really intimate and soothing. 

6. What does your brand stand for?

We don't like to take life too seriously, but we're pretty serious about natural skincare.

7.How is looking after your body important to you?

If you treat your body right, you feel good. I'm generally not one for a lot of exercise, but I always feel amazing after a run or a pilates class. Eating well always shows in my skin, so I try to do what I know makes my body and skin feel good. Our bodies have a huge affect on our minds, and vice versa, so you have to treat both with care. 

8.How do you feel about woman and their body confidence?

I think women are beautiful, no matter what our sizes and shapes are, and that should be celebrated. A confident woman is an even more beautiful thing, as it can often be difficult to have confidence with so much negativity and pressure that all of us face, whether from the online world or in our day to day lives.

9.What is your favourite part of your body?

I like my hands. I love what they can do and create sometimes. 

10.How was your experience with a Golden Fox shoot and how do you feel that it relates to confidence in yourself and woman empowerment.

Honestly, it isn't something I ever thought I would do, but in the moment, it was a lot of fun! Simone was so encouraging, down to earth, and made me feel comfortable the whole way through. I generally don't love being in front of the camera, looking at the photos makes me feel strong! It's a really great experience in body confidence, and an amazing way to celebrate yourself.