It's one week before my wedding, I am in top shape enjoying life and excited beyond words! This was my time to shine. So I sent my hubby-to-be out of the house and popped open a bottle of bubbly. Soon Simone and Maroche arrived and I offered them a glass of MCC which was welcomed. On the balcony of my apartment we chatted away like old friends, while Simone scouted for the perfect photo ops.

Contrary to what many of my girlfriends thought (when I told them I booked the shoot), I did this for myself…my husband can consider himself lucky to be allowed to see the pics (ok, ok just kidding!). An incredible experience in the comfort of my own quirky home, I felt empowered and invincible. Simone was amazing, leading me through every pose and making me feel very comfortable. Looking at the photographs afterwards I absolutely love my curves with and without the imperfections! The session also taught me a great deal about my body and how to pose for photographs which came in handy a week later at the wedding. I’m looking forward to my next shoot and am planning on making this an annual recurrence in my life. - MRS. C