So i wanted to do a question series for a long time, cause i know there are quite a few questions that pop up in your head when you are concidering doing a boudoir/ intimate lifestyle shoot.

I've been doing a question series on Instagram the past two weeks, but decided to do a full summary for you all that have perhaps missed it! So here goes!

Q U E S T I O N1.

Do you post all your clients online? 

I respect each of my clients privacy, so i will only post on my website or social media if my clients have approved that i may! Once you feel so confident about yourself why would you want to show it off!

Q U E S T I O N2 . 

I'm nervous and i don't know how to pose, will you help me?

YES of course! I will be guiding you from head to toe on every single pose to make you look amazing and show off all your favorite bits, it's all about the angle and light i use that makes my clients look amazing! I lie on the floor, roll on the bed and show you exactly what to do. My goal is to train you to be a super model. Anyone can be the IT girl!

Q U E S T I O N 3.

What should i wear for my shoot?

You can wear anything that makes you feel sexy and confident! You don't have to only stick to lingerie if it's not your thing. Cute shorts, oversize jersey, crop tops, loose tops, bodysuits, sleepwear any of those can work for sure. Have a look on my site for inspiration.


Should i get a spray tan before my shoot?⠀

I'f you would like to have a bit of colour on your skin, a spray tan is recommended but only have it done at a professional salon, cause home tans tend to come out patchy and that will show in your images.

Q U E S T I O N 5.⠀

Where do you do the shoots?⠀

I prefere to do the shoots in the comfort of your own home, then we have more areas to play with in the house and different light. If that is not possible i do work with a recommend guesthouse near Cape Town. 

Q U E S T I O N 6.⠀

How long is the shoot?⠀

My shoots are normally 1 hour long, we start with a warm up session, where you get use to me guiding you with all the poses from head to toes, and then once we are all comfy we get right into the shoot.⠀

Q U E S T I O N 7.⠀

What should i prep for my shoot?⠀

I have a full list of things that i send you before you shoot that you can keep in mind and will help with the shoot. Some of them are, RELAX, i will be guiding you all the way to make you look amazing!,Pamper hands and feet, wash hair the morning of the shoot so it's ready for the stylist, arrive in comfy looses clothing and there are many more tips i share with you.

Q U E S T I O N 8.⠀

Can i bring props along?⠀

You are beautiful just as you are, so no props are needed, my style is simplistic and i play only with natural light to make you look amazing.

Q U S T I O N 9.

Is make up included in my shoot?⠀

I have a few different package to choose from, but yes there are some that include make up. It is highly recommended to have a professional make up artist do it. It it is also part of the process where you get relaxed for your shoot and we have a chat about the shoot to put your nerves at ease. #boudoir #cap

Q U E S T I O N  10.⠀

Why should i do a Golden Fox Shoot!⠀

See this photoshoot as a way of treating yourself for your hard work!Life get crazy and we seldom take time for ourselves! Similar to a spa day treat or a shopping spree' you are allowed to take time for you! Celebrate your body that works hard for you.This is a time out where you get pampered and only focus on getting in touch with yourself. It's not just a photoshoot it's a empowering and confidence boosting experience!⠀


Hope you enjoyed all the questions! If you have anything else you would like to have answered, i would LOVE to hear from you. Just pop me a mail in the contact page!