So recently i had the opportunity to shoot with the gorgeous Carmen from the

Woow we had so much fun during the shoot, but as always, before i  start with the shoot i always chat a bit with my clients about the reason WHY they are doing this shoot, what intrigued them to book it aswell as what they love about their bodies, and every singel time, i whole bigger story comes out, rather than just, i'm doing this as a gift. 

This is were i absolutely love what i do, because with a Golden Fox experience, it becomes much more than just getting amazing photos. It become an experience where you start seeing yourself as confident with your body you are in, empowered , strong, in love with who you are and celebrating life and the journey your body has been through. It becomes an emotional , mental change that uplifts you and makes you proud to be where you are in your life and proud to be a woman.

I wanted to share Carmen's story with you, Thank you Carmen for your story and doing this amazing experience with me.


Body positivity is & always has been a topic close to my heart. Being raised by a bulimic survivor, it was always embedded that I need to love myself & honor my body.

Every woman needs to hear this: destroy the idea that it’s humble to hate yourself. Destroy the idea that loving yourself is conceited. Loving the skin you’re in & wanting the world to know doesn’t make you a temptress. These are ideas & beliefs forced upon us by society & people who refuse to face the fact that bulldozing women (physically & emotionally) is a very real problem. Loving yourself must be one of the most difficult things to achieve, so why the hell wouldn’t you want the world to know you’re a damn warrior who has overcome the battle that is self-love?!

This is where my Golden Fox experience comes in - fighting my own body image demons through the camera lens.

Thank you Simone for the most liberating experience. An experience that moved me to tears afterwards. Exhilarated. Confident. Beautiful. These are the words that come up when I think about my time with you.

I highly recommend that each & every woman does an empowering shoot like this one. Your soul will thank you.