I'm super excited to share our lovely Amy's story on her Golden Fox experience with you. Amy was one of our Body Issue series winners. Amy Loves to be body positive but she does have major insecurities about her tummy and thighs, she wanted to feel more sexy and beautiful. For me a Golden Fox shoot is all about focusing on what you love about your body instead of body shaming and boy did we have fun! Focusing on making it an uplifting experience is totally the key!


Thank you for this amazing experience! When I found out that I won this incredible opportunity to be shot by Golden Fox, I was over the moon! Of course I was nervous too because I have never done anything like this, but Simone made us feel like the Queens we are. From the moment we first met to the end of the day, I felt so at ease - and of course the champers didn't hurt! 


With my hair and make up done so beautifully by Ché, I felt I was ready to brave the lens! Simone made me feel so comfortable and guided me through some poses that would accentuate my curves and show off the best side of me. She showed me some of the shots she'd taken and I was blown away by how great I looked! She has such an amazing eye for lighting and always aims to make you look and feel sexy - you can't help but feel confident and powerful!


This was such an amazing experience that I will never forget! I am so unbelievably grateful to Simone and Ché and all the other ladies who made this day so magical. I'm so happy we all got to feel like powerful Queens together! #gurlpower