My "Prettiets" day

Meeting Simone is actually a very interesting story as it's almost a "meant to be" situation. I saw her beautiful wedding pictures, liked her Golden Fox Boudoir Facebook page and then entered a competition to win one of her robes. We had to meet up for me to collect the robe, and that's when the idea crossed my mind.

I was planning my wedding in October and was very unsure on what I wanted to give my husband to be. There was the list of obvious gifts, but this was completely different. Not only a gift, but a proclamation of self love, not the vain kind. The kind that every girl should feel.

Simone herself made this choice so easy. She is confident, friendly, humble and makes you feel so at ease. She made me do what I felt comfortable like, but guided me through out, telling me when to point my toes and told me how beautiful it looks, boosting my confidence. 

Except for the beautiful pictures that I have, something about the shoot changes you. In that very moment, when you are at your most vulnerable, you catch yourself feeling confident, loved and at your most beautiful. You start to appreciate you- the little dimples on your back and the way your hair falls in your face. You start to realise that no sparkly dress, new diamond earrings or pretty shoes can ever make you feel this way. This is what confidence feels like. 

I can never thank Simone enough for what she has done for me, because not only did she make me give my husband the best gift, but she reminded me that confidence is skin deep.