When my bridesmaids suggested a boudoir shoot as a gift for my soon to be husband, I thought, oh my!! I am not one for photos, I am a bit self conscious about my body, I will not know how to pose, I will just stand there not knowing what to do like a stick.  My bridesmaids convinced me, and I thought, of well, let's see how it goes.  Wow, what an experience! Simone made me feel so comfortable and went the extra mile to show me exactly what works, I felt completely relaxed and very comfortable, it did'nt even feel like a photoshoot, it just felt like a fun day hanging out with a friend, I really had so much fun.  After I saw the pictures, I feel more comfortable about my body, and I would grab every opportunity to do another shoot and encourage all my friends to do it, whether it is for a gift for a special person, for yourself, to gain confidence, or just for the fun.