When sitting down and trying to decide what would be the perfect wedding gift for my husband to be I thought that since a marriage means I am giving my life to him that pictures of me would be the something he would love! 

 After following Golden Fox for some time on Instagram, I knew Simone would be the perfect person to take my photo’s as every image she has every put up is beautiful, tasteful and sexy, which is exactly how I wanted to look in my photo’s. But what I didn’t except was how much fun it would be! We were laughing from beginning to end and the awkwardness I expected to feel from being hardly dressed in front of a camera was almost non existent. Simone was constantly uttering words of encouragement and telling me how amazing I looked which made me feel so comfortable in my own skin! This is such an amazing experience that gives you confidence long after the camera is packed away. 

 To top it all off, when the photos arrived I was blown away with how amazing they were and it took every ounce of self control not to go running to my fiancé to show him his wedding present early. 

 Thank you Simone for doing such an amazing job, I couldn’t imagine this experience being any better!!