Would you do a boudoir shoot?

Mmmm.... my first thought as the mother of a one-year old: Eeek! I cringed at the thought of being so exposed, my body isn't what it used to be and it definitely doesn't look as good either. You kind of feel like you've lost your "groove". 😉


But then comes this dynamic, bubbly, powerhouse of a woman with so much exuberance and confidence and makes you feel like maybe, just maybe you can feel a bit better about your body. The way she shoots the photos is incredibly flattering, soft and subtle- nothing awkward about it at all!


After seeing the photos you feel like you can give yourself a bit more credit and that your body is beautiful and needs to be appreciated more- flaws and all!


Thank Simone, you ARE the Goldenfox and it was such a great experience and I can definitely recommend that every woman empower themselves and feel more confident in themselves with these incredible images!