Cape Town Boudoir MISS. C

A story so deep from her heart, a story that must be read..


This experience taught me to quiet my thoughts… To press pause on my tangled and obsessive thoughts and voices in my head, which often leave me feeling perplexed. These 2 hours etched smile-lines on my blushed cheek bones and opened an enigma to my soul and femininity that I did not know existed. Simone orchestrated a stage for me to reckon with a part of my soul that had fought my demons of abuse, facing someone that I loved dearly in court, insecurities, eating disorders, bipolar and depression for so very long… my soul was on a spa day ….

I felt like : (Quoted from Gatsby): “I was within and without, simultaneously enchanted and repelled by the inexhaustible variety of life.”

About 20 days after the shoot, I wrote a blog to express and publicly proclaim my renewed vigour, passion and pride in my capacity to LOVE SO DEEPLY! I am no longer apologising for being ME!! Once upon a time he told me I love to hard…. Well I shall now tell him, “It’s the only way to love.”

This blog is dedicated to a man that I once loved very dearly, borderline worshipped and ultimately wanted to spend forever with. The separation (officially 6 months ago) was like the death of a dream that I thought was going to last…. I loved him to a point of madness and reckless behaviour…. and he caved. He was worthy, but unwilling to accept my love. I want to tell him this: “I will love you always. My sanity was lost for a minute, but now I have channelled that love into my core. And oh, how I’m glowing!!”

I find my heart to be a kaleidoscopic unicorn… An alchemic energy force-field. It is so difficult to describe the deepest cockles of my heart to a person who has vanilla senses. This is dedicated to someone that I hope one day will truly experience the same alchemy of explosive energies possessing my lion heart, even be it for just one moment. For now, I will try to articulate my eternal quest for a love that is further than zenith and why I plunge steadfast into the abyss of the unknown gamble of turmoil or triumph…

I don’t just listen to your words. I listen to the choice of your words, your tone, your manoeuvres, your darting eyes, your facial expressions. I decipher your silences – I can discern everything that you do not divulge. It’s a raw feeling of extrasensory perception…

You speak to me with words, but I look at you with feelings. This fire in me is the vital essence that pervades and permeates, boils up from my core and softly graduates circles of love and light… Welcome to the open sesame of my soul… Hope you enjoy the ride. One look in my eyes and I’ll have you memorised… haunted by my hypnotic gaze.

Some may call me Schizoaffective, bipolar, psycho, sociopath or merely a delusional drama queen… But these “hallucinations” and devotions are my reality. They are the very blood that runs through my veins. They encompass and cripple me so…. feels like breathing water.

“She had a very inconvenient heart. It always insisted on feeling things ever so deeply.”

— John Mark Green Poetry

On paper, my IQ is exemplary, so one would surely say, “Have some common sense, woman”. But it is not that simple. I have been somewhat wired to ignore my pain for the sake of my love for others, fighting for any toxic influence with my stubborn heart.

Making love with someone is an organic and raw artistry for me. But, I can only truly unleash my minx-like wrath on a lover whom I feel brave enough to let my psychic ability to run wild. At my fingertips I can effortlessly sense, smell, see, taste, touch and calculate in microseconds what my partner thirsts for. Even kissing him can feel as if I have grazed his very soul.

But this candyfloss-coated fluffy emotion, does not come free. There is a constant fear that my existence is a burden to all whom surround me. Restlessness, anxiety, heart break, insomnia, vivid and kaleidoscopic dreams, clairvoyant thoughts and feeling so responsible for such a wide array of people and situations. Crying is often my highest devotional song… It is a spiritual practice of mine and I cry with a pure heart that cannot equate to such a prayer.

Oh, but darling, why would I ever want to trade these feelings for the world? It is what makes my bones electric and my feet tap to the tune of my fabricated tales of love…. Delusions or not…. it’s my game…. my ever sweet addiction… love…..

My dearest Shakespeare inspired my most recent tattoo (saying “Fierce Love”) with his words: “ And though she be but little, she is fierce.”

THANK YOU SIMONE! Thank you for reuniting me with my ever sweet addiction: LOVE…..

Cape Town Boudoir - MRS. R


Working with Simone was such an amazing experience. Often when we are so busy with life and settled in a mundane frame of mind, we forget how beautiful every single one of us really are. I never do these kind of shoots but sometimes it just feels so good to feel good about yourself :)

The whole experience went so smoothly, Simone runs you through everything and it is honestly such a fun few hours. I would recommend doing this to each and every woman out there - often life carries us away with finding small flaws in one self or not being told enough how beautiful you really are - this experience will make you appreciate yourself again from within. All I can say is don't do it for anyone else, do it for yourself!

Cape Town Boudoir - Mrs. C


"Do not let anyone steal your happiness or confidence by defining their own ideas of what is perceived as acceptable or beautiful, start creating your own story"

This is something I have learned in the past year. We are caught up in social media and society which leads to a lack in self-confidence and self-esteem, because we do not fit into the pictures and images set by these platforms. I have struggled to accept myself for who I am until I started following a well-balanced diet and exercise program. I do not have the time to train for 4 hours or to weigh every meal I eat during the day. Living a balanced life and accepting my body has helped me to embrace life and to enjoy every moment given to me.

Body confidence for me is something that has been inspired by Marciel Hopkins. We (ladies) must stop comparing ourselves to others, be the best version of yourself. Create your own happiness. If people in your life do not accept you for who you are, ask yourself the question are they worth keeping around?

Simone has given me the opportunity to embrace who I am. Her brand inspires young girls and women to focus on their own uniqueness, beauty and bodies.


Today i'm super excited to share the story of our EMBRACE PROJECT winner Kelly - Ann.

The  EMBRACE PROJECT was done in collaboration with Maria Magdalena and Lisa Brown.


I am going to start honest and say that I have never been proud of my own body.

I have always felt that my body was never good or 'perfect' enough and I had put all of my focus on all of my flaws.

I always use to compare myself to other girls on Instagram and other social media sites (because let's be honest, seeing girls with ultra-toned bodies can really make you feel like crap). This was one of my biggest mistakes. Comparison!

I had always known that to compare yourself to other girls is NEVER a good thing, but I had become addicted to the idea of it! I always felt ashamed of my body and would never walk confidently on the beach in a sexy two-piece bikini because it doesn't matter how cute or even sexy the bikini was, it never made me feel sexy.

I would even look at December holiday pictures and I completely hated the way I looked in a bikini that I ended up only taking beach pictures in either a full cover swimsuit or in shorts and a top. As much as I loved shopping, the one thing I hated most was going into a fitting room where that horrible LED light would point out every single flaw on your body that I even had emotional breakdowns because I believed what the mirror and the horrible LED light.

When I met my Fiancè, he would always tell me that my body is perfect to him but deep down inside, a part of me never believed him. When we first moved in together I had felt extremely insecure about my body and even being naked in front of him.

Although he was always supportive and told me that there was absolutely nothing wrong with my body, a part of me had always thought that he was just saying that to make me feel better.

I had this constant idea that to get the "perfect" body, I had to lose weight. I had gone on some of the CRAZIEST diets and even drank pills and going to the gym 3 hours a day to lose weight. There were times that I had even refused to eat. After I had lost loads of weight... I still wasn't happy with myself.

This had started to have quite a negative impact in my relationship. I would constantly fight with my Fiancè because I was fully convinced that he would look at other girls who had better bodies than me. This was honestly all just in my head!

I have always wanted to do a photoshoot to boost my confidence in myself and my body. As I was scrolling through Instagram, a beautiful friend of mine had tagged me in  Golden Fox competition. I don't know what it was, but something inside of me said; "Kelley, here is your chance!".

 On the day that the winned had been anounced, I literally had to read my name 10 times over to make sure that it was actually we who had won! I was over the moon!!!!! After the reality of my photoshoot had sunk in.... so dit my anxiety!!! I was extremely nervous about the photoshoot and what the outcome of it would be!

I had even planned to go on another crazy diet before the shoot! As I counted down the days to the shoot, I never started with my diet because life had just been too busy. I decided to rather not go on the diet. On the day of the photoshoot I had felt every emotion that I possible could! Part of me wanted to run away, but the other part of me convinced myself that I can do this!!!

When I met Simone for the first time, she had this AMAZING and bubbly personality that made me feel like I had known her my entire life! Because of how professional and relaxed she was, I had started to feel extremely comfortable with her! I could never stand naked  before somebody, specially someone that I had just met, but Simone made me feel like I was a Victoria Secret model!

I absolutely LOVED meeting Lisa Brown! She is such a stylish woman which was extremely inspirational to me! I felt amazing and like a true model after my hair and makeup had been completed! When we started taking pictures I felt extremely shy but Simone completely changed that!

She taught me so many tips during the shoot that in a matter of minutes I felt a confidence kick in and I was enjoying every single moment of it!!! I honestly felt like a celebrity for a day and that was enough to completely changed my life!!! Simone, I honestly can't thank you enough for this opportunity! YOU CHANGED MY LIFE! After my photoshoot, the confidence I gained in my body never went away!! My Fiancè had noticed the change in me and this completely took our relationship to an entire new level and I absolutely love it !!!!

Thank you so much Simone ! What you are doing to empower women is working, because once again, YOU CHANGED MY LIFE!❤️