Cape Town Boudoir - Mrs. L


But I am a Mom now...

When I won a boudior shoot recently with the Thyme spa and Guesthouse & Golden fox collaboration competition, I scurried to her facebook page to get a glimpse of her style and portfolio. 

Everyone looked so confident...and comfortable in their own if she just walked in by chance and managed to capture a moment otherwise lost.

It seemed, for a split second, like a wonderful idea..and then it dawned on me...but I am a mom now.

My body does not look what it did like before, I am not who I was before...should I even be infront of a camera like that?

The insecurities were screaming from a stage confronting me with every little flaw..and somewhere in the backrow, a whisper, ever so softly, affirmed “YES, YOU ARE A MOM NOW!”

Perspective. This body, flawed and imperfect - grew a healthy little boy, nourished and comforted him throughout his first year and still managed to get out of bed and perform at a 8:00 to 17:00 job.

This body had a textbook pregnancy, a healthy uncomplicated birth. This body grew and healed. This body needs to be celebrated. 

It was time Celebrating me was amazing. Simone is such a warm hearted caring soul. We chatted like old friends and her unpretentious, uplifing spirit set me at ease from the start. The experience was phenomenal and nothing like any preconceived idea you might have of a intimate lifestyle shoot.

Highly recommended if you want to celebrate your body, flawed and perfectly imprefect..

Cape Town Boudoir - Mrs. R


As woman we spend so much time worrying if we are doing "enough" ... enough as a mom, enough as a wife , enough as a daughter/friend! Stop , take some time and celebrate being the woman that you are. We put a lot of time and effort into being enough... celebrate small wins and being you, you have worked hard celebrate you and what you have achieved  ... because you are ENOUGH!! 

Thanks Golden FOX, I loved every moment of my self celebration!!!


Cape Town Boudoir - Miss N

Miss. N and her Inspirational body confident story.....


"Oprah talks about the “aha” moment. A moment of clarity,awareness and an ultimate moment where you actually understand how pieces of life fit in together.

Everyone has their own journey and come to have many if these “aha” moments in their life.My testimony carries so many tears and struggles with inferiority regarding beauty and somehow the world and media adds to this cruel voice that says “YOU are certainly not enough”.

I have come across women(I must admit not many) that go against this grain.That go against this notion that somewhere in history the world decided that women should bear the brunt of public scrutiny and complete and utter bullshit standards.

Simone and The Golden Fox is one such instance.Last year was my “aha moment”.Ridiculous that it had to come at the lowest point in my life.I decided to fight for me. A “me” I somehow lost in between all the absurd standards I had to adhere to which I could never reach.You know that feeling? Always falling short? Always being just not enough for that guy,that job,that summer holiday because you can not fit into that bathing suite,that dress that screams at the seams because you just looked at carbs and those beautiful friends who seem to have it all together on facebook. A kinder approach to my body led to me lose 21kgs and book an appointment with The Golden Fox to celebrate the fact that I kicked some serious ass in the health department.

The Golden Fox shoot was my second “aha” moment.I could not believe She had the capacity to capture all my achievements of my first “aha”moment on a camera.

A stronger, a more confident and a survivor of an eating disorder, pain and heartache. This work should be considered part of a healing process and an astounding realization that your unique beauty has the capacity to have a profound and immeasurable impact on the world. Just as you are now. Your scars,your hurt and your dissapointments do not define you. Your ability to rise from them does.Capture this.Be willing to capture the beauty of imperfection.I consider Simone’s work as part of a movement. A movement where Body positivity should be the focus of visual media and should form part of some serious discussions and debates.Simone creates a space where you can be comfortable and have your own “aha moment”.Imagine a world where women support each other? One where we celebrate each other,comfort each other and constantly tell each other “you are enough” and we actually believe it? We will surely be unstoppable.Thank you Simone for being that platform and using your talent to showcase this.I have a feeling this is only the beginning."

Cape Town Boudoir - MISS K

When a woman starts seeing her beauty, these are moments that describes perfectly what Golden Fox stands for.


"I have loved corsets and hold up stockings since before I can remember. Pin up girls were so beautiful and playful and cheeky while remaining tasteful. The idea of doing a boudoir shoot has always been a huge dream for me. I have had a lot of insecurities that stopped me from ever going for it. Lucky for me I met someone really fantastic who made it his mission to let me see me in a different light. A better one. I have to admit I trained very hard but was never happy with what I saw. Always surrounded by people criticizing their own bodies so I did the same. I can't really explain how it works, but after my shoot with Golden Fox I felt like I flipped the page on how I feel about my body. 

My big legs look strong and have shape. All of a sudden I like that I have a big bum. My insecurities didn't matter so much because I felt sexy with what I have. I have started eating normally again because I realised I don't want to loose my curves that Simone helped me to see. 

Maybe it's her way of opening you up in conversation before the shoot, or the great direction she gives to ensure you have the right position to suit your body (and her wiliness to get down and demonstrate what works). 

The beautiful hair and make up Che creates definitely helps. When you put all that together you feel ready and Simone's attention to detail and her feminine approach makes this a truly magical experience. 

The photos are a strong reminder to keep with you thereafter. Show you not to fall back into that negative state of mind again but to love yourself. 

I feel stronger and sexy and happy to be in this body. And after years of trying to fix my "flaws", it's like a sigh of relief and a little exciting too."