Cape Town Maternity Shoot - Mrs. S


I was lucky enough to have my second pregnancy be captured by @dagoldenfox! Not only are her pictures amazing and her poses unique but she is so warm and friendly and puts you right at ease and give you that confidence you thought you never had! She has such creative ideas and beyond talented! Thank you so much for always creating such beautiful and amazing memories!

Breast Cancer Survivor - Michelle G

In Support of BREAST CANVER awareness month I had the privilege to shoot with one of the bravest young woman I know. Ever year I try and create an awareness about breast cancer this time if the year especially breast cancer in woman under the age of 3 years because being diagnosed under 3 is becoming a crazy reality for so many young woman out there and its not spoken enough about. I personally know 3 ladies just in my close friendship group that has been diagnosed under the age of 30. I want to tell their story, how they dealt with this and how it has affected their body confidence. How can I help them to still make them see their beauty, see their scars as a story to be told and create an uplifting experience where they celebrate this journey and strength from inside they never knew they had.

Today I would like to share the story of Michelle G, a brave, courageous and fierce young woman from the mother city Cape Town.

This is her STORY…….

At the age of 28, happily engaged, literally just signed for our new home and planning our wedding was the things on my priority list at that stage, my white picket fence future…

Casually, I was sitting at work one day and felt a sting-like burning sensation in my right breast, when I tried to feel what it was (basically examining by boob), I felt a small bump not even 2cm in size. Called my gynaecologist, saw her 2 days later, she immediately sent me a breast sonar and a few minutes later the radiologist pulled me aside, telling me I would need to go for a biopsy. He said that whatever it was, my body isn’t happy about it as my white blood cells (our fighters) are hoarding around it.  This could clearly be seen on the sonar too. Two weeks later I had an operation to remove the entire lump for further analysis (I opted out of the needle biopsy) and on the 23rd of May 2017, I was diagnosed with an aggressive breast cancer. 

It’s a weird thing getting diagnosed with breast cancer at a young (28 or any other for that matter) age. Suddenly, everything stops and everything else in the world you always worried about seems so petty. Immediately you decide, I need to fight.

And so my journey of treatments and healing started:

First – A bunch of further tests, CT Scans, MRI’s, Bone density, small operations etc. Thereafter two weeks of injections daily to harvest my eggs to be frozen before chemotherapy, as chemo can have quite an effect on fertility and I still wanted to have kids.Followed by – Second round of harvesting for another two weeks, we didn’t get enough eggs the first round. Actual treatment started – 6 months of chemo, every three weeks for 8 sessions.

Lastly – A quick rest period after chemo, finishing off treatment with a double mastectomy and reconstruction.

Finally – Healing not only my body, but my mind and soul.

My dear co-fighter/survivor, I can write a book for you about the ups-and-downs, the good and the not-so-good days, the scary and the not-so-scary, but for today, I want you to know a few things:

  • You are stronger than you ever thought

  • Never apologise for needing help and ask unapologetically

  • Talk, talk your heart out if that is what you need

  • Forgive people for the dumb things they might say, most of them have no idea what you’re actually going through

  • Do whatever it is you need for that day

  • Kick fear in the butt, it has no right on your mind or body

  • Pray

  • And remember, cancer does suck, but YOU definitely don’t.

So the reason I wanted to do a Golden Fox shoot was for breast cancer awareness! This is something more young woman need to talk about and be aware of ton check themselves. But also, a lot of changes happen when you go through the radical treatment given for cancer, for a long period of time I didn’t feel (or look) like myself and at times I wondered if I ever will again. 

Doing a shoot with Simone and getting to see myself and my body, even with it’s new battle scars, has been SO empowering. I felt strong, confident and beautiful, something I did not feel for quite a while. Thankfully today, I can tell you that I now recognise myself again and I feel great!

Thank you Simone for making me feel (and look) amazing!

John 11:4

With love, Michelle

Cape Town Maternity Shoot - Mrs.N


Reaching out to simone during my pregnancy was one of the most treasured experiences of the entire 9 months carrying little jack. Capturing these often pretty fragile moments was something i didn't really have the courage to do, but simone made the whole experience absolutely delightful! im so so greatful that i didn't let my own (unnecessary) insecurities keep me from capturing this time in my life.

Being able to carry our son, at whatever shape and size that meant, is something to be celebrated and remembered. I can't recommend doing this for yourself enough!

Cape Town Maternity Shoot - It's my shoot

So today i'm 40 weeks pregnant! , it’s actually, baby Davis’s due date. So im super excited to share my maternity boudoir shoot with you.

Jip this me!

What a way to celebrate being a woman, by documenting this incredible time in ones life.

My body made a baby! It’s still so insane to believe!

I haven’t posted a shoot about me before but it was about time i did!

Being such an strong believer in always being positive , confident and loving the body that you in i wanted to celebrate the transformation my body was going through making a little human.

We need to respect our bodies for can going through this, i have realized the more you care for your body the more it will work for you. Been given the gift of carrying a child is such a blessing.

My amazing husband Justin Davis @justinandsimone did this shoot for me in our new home.

I wanted to capture this time of my life cause it’s so important to me to one day teach our children to be body confident any time of their lives. Yes there are changes that it goes through, but embracing that and caring for your body so it can perform to it’s utmost is so important.

Today i’m so excited to share this shoot and having it documented how my body had the ability to transform is incredible.