Cape Town Maternity Shoot - Mrs.N


Reaching out to simone during my pregnancy was one of the most treasured experiences of the entire 9 months carrying little jack. Capturing these often pretty fragile moments was something i didn't really have the courage to do, but simone made the whole experience absolutely delightful! im so so greatful that i didn't let my own (unnecessary) insecurities keep me from capturing this time in my life.

Being able to carry our son, at whatever shape and size that meant, is something to be celebrated and remembered. I can't recommend doing this for yourself enough!

Cape Town Maternity Shoot - It's my shoot

So today i'm 40 weeks pregnant! , it’s actually, baby Davis’s due date. So im super excited to share my maternity boudoir shoot with you.

Jip this me!

What a way to celebrate being a woman, by documenting this incredible time in ones life.

My body made a baby! It’s still so insane to believe!

I haven’t posted a shoot about me before but it was about time i did!

Being such an strong believer in always being positive , confident and loving the body that you in i wanted to celebrate the transformation my body was going through making a little human.

We need to respect our bodies for can going through this, i have realized the more you care for your body the more it will work for you. Been given the gift of carrying a child is such a blessing.

My amazing husband Justin Davis @justinandsimone did this shoot for me in our new home.

I wanted to capture this time of my life cause it’s so important to me to one day teach our children to be body confident any time of their lives. Yes there are changes that it goes through, but embracing that and caring for your body so it can perform to it’s utmost is so important.

Today i’m so excited to share this shoot and having it documented how my body had the ability to transform is incredible.

Cape Town Boudoir Mrs. N

THIS IS WHAT SHE SAID……NICI all the way from Germany!

“This Golden Fox shoot was my second empowerment shoot with Simone and I already know it is not going to be my last one. When I first heard that Simone from Golden Fox was shooting boudoir, I decided to do a shoot and give the pictures to my husband as special wedding gift, because knowing her work as a photographer, I knew it will be fun and the result will be great.

Before the shoot I did not really know much about woman empowerment when it comes to photoshoots, but during the shoot I immediately experienced what it was all about. Although the shoot meant to be for my husband, it meant so much more to me in the end.

The time between the two shoots was a very challenging time of transformation for me. Being confronted with expectations every day, even by my own expectations, especially when it comes to beauty, I started to question them. All of them made me feel like I will never be perfect, no matter how hard I’ll try, I will never be satisfied. But then I realized, that beauty is about what makes me happy. Happiness makes you feel beautiful even with your imperfections. In the end your imperfections make you unique and show, who you are and what you have been through. Now I am grateful for them, because every scar, every wrinkle, freckle or even love handles is a part of my life and my journey.

This shoot I did for myself, because at this stage of my journey I wanted to honour myself, my body and capture the immense impact of Simone’s empowerment work. Every woman should do such an experience at least once in her life, because it is so much more than just a photoshoot.




Cape Town Maternity Shoot . Mrs. K

What a special time to capture your body confidence, when your body is making a baby! Even if you decide at the last minute to do a maternity shoot, its all good , cause you will look back and be so happy you captured this incredible change your body is made to do!


It’s alway good to do something completely out of your comfort zone. I did it and it made me feel beyond beautiful in my new body. Simone, you were so amazing, & made me feel so comfortable and at ease throughout the shoot. Thank you for capturing such a special moment in my life!